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Rev. Royce L. Tillman was born in Wichita, KS on January 31, 1965. He is the first of four children born to Ronald E. Tillman, Sr. (deceased) and Sara Lee Tillman. His mother recalls little Rev. Tillman saying one Sunday, around age six, "that he had been thinking about it and it was time for him to join the church.” He didn’t know it then, but the thoughts in his head were the early nudges of Christ that would usher him to the pulpit. He soon joined Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church, in Atlanta, and was baptized shortly thereafter by Rev. J. H. Langston, and thus began his Christian journey. A few years later, the family was led to Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church where the late Rev. L.G. Montford was pastor.

While at “The Lamb,” Rev. Tillman served faithfully under the close guidance and direction of Rev. Montford and was eager to contribute to his church, as well as his community. Rev. Tillman was elected President of the newly formed Young Adults Choir and served as Troop Leader of Boy Scout Troop 375. His continued spiritual cultivation and dedication to his Pastor and church allowed him to serve in the capacities of Adult Sunday School teacher and Superintendent of Sunday School where he headed the largest contingency of Sunday School teachers and Adult Sunday School class in church history. His zeal for the Lord, enthusiasm, and tireless effort and dedication, did not go unnoticed, and at the very young age of 22, Rev. Tillman became the youngest Deacon to ever be ordained by Rev. Montford. In 1992, Rev. Tillman answered the call to the ministry, that began so many years ago, and preached his trial sermon. He was licensed and ordained, as a Minister, on January 15, 1995 by Rev. Montford.

In 1997, Rev. Tillman founded Lively Stones Ministries where he conducted a weekly Bible Study in his home to a group of 20-25 regular attendees. In 2009, he launched "Square Peg in a Round Hole," a pre-marital coaching and marriage training program.

After preaching a homecoming service for Second St. Paul Baptist Church in Madison, GA, the congregation greatly desired to have him permanently remain with them; so they asked and voted him in. He humbly accepted, and in 1998 began shepherding the flock of Second St. Paul Baptist Church. During his time at Second St. Paul, membership increased from 15 to 45 active members. Through faithful member tithing and visitor offering, the church’s financial situation tremendously improved, eventually leaving them with no outstanding debt, aside from the building mortgage. He soon expanded church services to include 5th Sunday, established the Early Life Children's Ministry and he re-established the Second St. Paul Singing Angels Choir, Men's and Women's Usher Board, and Mother Board. His twelve years of service included more than spiritual labor as his physical toils helped lead to the church-wide renovation project of the property where he incorporated a church steeple and front porch with railing and handicap ramp. He also helped provide the church with new pews and piano, a renovated Pastor's study, newly built finance office, new church sign, and renovated bathrooms. This extensive church overhaul was capped off with the clearing of the church grounds (2.5 acres) which is the site of the Annual Family Campout, begun in 2003. Continuing with the examples given to him by Rev. Montford and always willing to help others accomplish their spiritual best, Rev. Tillman took son of the church, Rev. Vicente Casey (Bethlehem Baptist Church - Madison, GA) under his wing and helped lead him to pastorship. He also mentored and inspired adopted son, Rev. Robert L. Terrell Jr. (Union Spring Baptist Church - Rutledge, GA).

In 2009, after a lengthy illness, the Lord called Pastor Montford home to rest from his labor. The congregation being obedient to Pastor Montford's wishes called Rev. Tillman as pastor of the Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church. After much prayer, meditation and conference with his family, Rev. Tillman accepted his call to the Lamb. On April 25, 2010 Rev. Tillman was ordained as Pastor of the Lamb of God. Under Pastor Tillman's leadership there have been many enhancements to the church edifice and the fellowship hall. A sidewalk was erected on the side of the sanctuary ensuring a safer walk from the parking lot. Pastor Tillman established the Youth Advisory Committee to give the youth and young adults an avenue to voice their concerns and further learn God's word. He expanded morning worship service by establishing the LLC (Lamb Life Center) for ages 5-12. 


In April 2017, Pastor Tillman left Lamb of God and expanded on the ministry that he had begun years ago. Thus, Lively Stones of God Ministries was birthed. With the inaugural sermon taking place on April 23, 2017.  

Rev. Tillman was married to his loving and devoted wife, Brenda L. Tillman (deceased), for 26 years and they have one daughter, Jessica J. Tillman.

On October 13, 2019 Rev. Tillman married First Lady Milon E. Davis-Tillman.

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