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2017 Fatherhood at 52

Let me state for the record...No one is pregnant!!...LOL

If you know me, then you should know I make a big deal about Father's Day. Well this YEAR isn't any different, I'm just older and more sentimental. My baby girl Jessica is now 24. I’ve watched her mature into womanhood and graduate from college cum laude and EMPLOYED. Yes, Ms. Tillman is officially a 3rd Grade teacher.

How about the feeling I had seeing her born, making her first steps, riding her bike without training wheels....well at 52 it's still there!! The biggest difference is, I cry more now. Not tears of sadness, I just get so overwhelmed, that I can’t hold back tears of appreciation, thankfulness, and gratefulness.

Life has shown me over the years that your circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. You can be thrown a curve ball out of left field, and your world could flip completely upside down. I'm coming to understand the true blessings of GOD...the simple ones like peace, love, joy, laughter and health.

So I can not forget those Fathers that love their kids, but are struggling with unforeseen circumstances..."Keep your Head Up!". HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

Fatherhood at 52, for me is BLESSED BETTER THAN BLESS...HOLD MY MULE...well in my case bring me a box of tissues...LOL

Sincerely, Getting Old and Sentimental


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