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1st Lively Stones of God Anniversary Letter

From My Heart 💛 to Your 💜

I write this letter with joy and great appreciation for the grace and mercies of GOD upon us. Like all mankind births upon this planet comes with great pain, but afterwards the joy of holding a newborn child is unbelievable. Lively Stones of God Ministries, Inc was birthed under the hands of our Lord and Savior one year ago and holding HIS child is unbelievable.

I encourage us all to wrap our hearts around these three principles as we continue to grow and develop .

1. Praise; We must vow to give our LORD Praise in all we do and go through. Psalm 113:3

Praising HIM with a joyful heart, in our given, our singing and dancing. Praising HIM, in the way we love and speak.

2. Prayer; We must commit to a life of prayer. Praying for good health (spiritual, emotional, physical and financial) of this ministry, leadership and one another. Ephesians 6:18

3. Patience; We must exercise patience with one another while encouraging growth and maturity from each other. Allowing patience to do her perfect work. James 1:4

Our first year theme is certainly befitting. One Rock Producing Many Stones. The ROCK is JESUS and HE is the producer of ALL LIVELY STONES.

Much Prayer, Much Love

Pastor Royce L Tillman

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