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The Enduring Love of Mother's Arms

This year I was inspired to ask my childhood brother, Deacon Carlos Mitchell, about growing up without his biological mother. In our 40 plus years of friendship I don't ever remember asking him about it.

After a week passing, he responded like always open and transparent. He expressed never recalling experiencing a Mother's day.

“Growing up from a child I’ve never experienced a Mother’s Day. I understood having a birthday and birthday parties. I understood Christmas and waiting on those gifts, waking up early in the morning. I understood and recall taking my father out on Father’s Day. Taking him to McDonald's with $20.00 in my pocket and saying to him, 'order what you want, it’s Father’s Day and dinner is on me.' But when I think of Mother’s Day I can not relate. Growing up I don’t recall a Mother’s Day of doing anything.”

Reading this I could only say inwardly, WOW! How true it is when said you don't know my story.

I texted him later and asked how old he was? He replied, "7 or 10.” However, it was what he explained transpired surrounding her transition that took me for a spin. He replied “She died on my birthday and I remembered the family telling me they didn't want me to know. The day before she was planning my birthday. My aunt Bee (Tara mother) told me after my dad passed.” Amazing! Not silly, funny, crazy Carlos. He still managed to smile and live a purpose filled life.

So, what has kept him? The love and mercies of GOD in his life and this one memory he wrote. "I feel that she has always been there watching over me. I feel that her presence is near and many of the decisions that I’ve made, were something she would have given me counsel on. Since, I can’t have that, I will hold on to that one memory, in which I have been holding on to for the last 51 years of my life. It’s a memory of her holding me and if I must say Happy Mother’s Day, it will be to that one memory.”

It took 40 years, but I am glad I asked. Praying his story will inspire us. Demonstrating for us that no matter if it's one or many cherished memories, hold on to them and use them to help strengthen your life.

Let us pray for those with no memories at all, but it's with this strong belief the love of the womb endures, like the arms of his mother has.

Great appreciation for Deacon Mitchell for allowing me to share a portion of his life!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and much love!


Pastor Royce L. Tillman

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