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Things that Make You Say "Hallelujah"

Lively stones of god hallelujah

This May, Ms. Jessica completed her first year teaching. It was both a proud and funny moment to see happen. She was so ready for their last day (LMBO). I believe I heard her say, "Dad, Hallelujah.”

Hallelujah! It made me think🤔... Teachers say "Hallelujah" on the last day of school, while parents say "Hallelujah" on the first day of school! (LOL)

How about our congregation after hearing me say, “as I close” for the fifth time and really close. Well they say “Hallelujah” then, while I say, "Hallelujah! Everybody is here this Sunday on time!" LMBO😂

What are some things that made you say “Hallelujah” lately?😊 Let's make a list🤔.

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Pastor Royce L. Tillman

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