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Today our company news was "Mosquito Season has arrived". It only takes one inch of standing water for mosquitoes to breed. Wow! I immediately thought about us and negativity; better yet "Negaquitoes".

So how do we protect ourselves against mosquito bites and disease? We limit our risk by removing items from our yard and home that collect standing water, like buckets, toys and containers. Those items that are designed to catch water, we have to change the water regularly to limit the breeding ground.

So how do we protect ourselves against negaquitoes? Like mosquitoes we can only limit our risk. Limit our exposure and standing water (negative conversations without clear action plans ). Clean our gutters (ears and heart) and trim our shrubbery (watch our words we add to the conversation).

Philippians 4:8 teaches us to prevent standing water.

Here are some tips to prevent negaquito bites:

* Put on the whole armour of GOD

* Use negaquito repellent ( A GREAT BIG SMILE )

* Choose repellent containing PHICJ ONLY.( Personal HAPPINESS in Christ JESUS). All other off brand's are temporary.

* Use calm and encouraging words and screen your HEART.

Additional information can be found at LIVELY STONES OF GOD MINISTRIES Sunday services..LOL


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